SEMICON Singapore 2014 Call for Speakers

Call for papers closed on January 6th, 2014 

2014 Topics/Contents will revolve around mobility and the Internet of Things.

Assembly Packaging:

 Wafer Level Packaging
 3D Integration
 Flip Chip Packaging

Packaging Interconnection Technologies:

 Cu wire Bonding Technology
 Wire Bonding Technology
 Flip Chip Technology
 Solder Alternatives

3D IC Technology and Manufacturing:

 Materials and Processes for Traditional and Advanced Microelectronic systems, 3D Packages, 3D ICs
 Equipment for 3D ICs processing
 New Materials
 Chip design
 Yield and inspection
 Challenges and opportunities
 Product Testing
 Total cost of ownership


 MEMS Market
 Systems and Sensor Network
 Materials and Process technologies
 Emerging MEMS Devices and Sensors
 Packaging, Testing and Reliability
 Applications of MEMS Devices and Sensors
 Power MEMS - Energy Reduction, Energy Scavenging and Energy Source Finding

LEDs, Photovoltaic and Compound Semiconductors Technology and Manufacturing:

Materials and Processes 
 Equipment for processing
 New Materials
 Chip design
 Challenges and opportunities
 Total cost of ownership
 Towards green manufacturing
 Inspection and yield

Yield & Productivity:

 Effective Management Systems
 Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)
 Inspection and Metrology
 Failure Analysis Techniques


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