SEMICON Singapore 2014 - Country Pavilions

Singapore Pavilion


Singapore gathers top tier semiconductor makers to the leading hub in Southeast Asia.  Singapore offers an attractive business climate and high quality human resources to overseas enterprises. In the semiconductor sector, Singapore houses the Asian headquarters or manufacturing sites of various foreign firms from the global semiconductor makers and testing houses such as Freescale, Infineon, Micron, STMicroelectronics, Siltronic-Samsung Wafer, Intel-Micron Flash and more. Additionally, investments by IDM and OEM players in manufacturing sites in Malaysia and Vietnam also represent new opportunities for Singapore’s equipment, component and materials suppliers.


Supported by IE Singapore, the Singapore Pavilion is a center for foreign businesses to expand into the region in partnership with Singapore-based enterprises. Because of the market potential, the government is willing to leverage on many of the commonalities in processing technology with semiconductor to provide high value-add and create meaning jobs. Learn more about government incentives to boost the industry as well as creating prospects for local talents and SME at Singapore Pavilion. 




Malaysia Pavilion

The Malaysia Pavilion debuts at SEMICON Singapore 2014. Exhibitors will present products and solutions that enhance productivity and performance to buyers in Southeast Asia.



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